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Red Onion
KCC Red Onion
From β‚±33.75
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Taiwan Garlic Approx. 250g
KCC Brown Sugar 1kg
Yakult Probiotic Drink 5's
KCC Kamatis
From β‚±43.40
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Chicken Thighs
KCC Chicken Thighs
From β‚±122.75
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Pork Belly Sliced
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KCC Cooking Palm Oil 1 Pack
KCC Carrots
From β‚±72.60
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KCC Ginger
From β‚±24.35
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Patatas Approx. 500g

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Raley's Broccoli Cuts 454g
Raley's Raley's Broccoli Cuts 454g
Sold out
Ponds Bright Perfect Potion Essence 110ml
Beyond Care Antibacterial Handwash White Tea 500ml
Luxe Organix 9 Seconds Serum Essence Treatment 100ml
Watsons Avocado Extract Treatment Shampoo 400ml
Luxe Organix Papaya+Gluta Whitening Gel 200ml
Kojie San Skin Lightening Superserum 7.5ml
Oxecure Acne Clear Oil Control Moisturizer 10ml
Oxecure Ultra Gentle Moisturizer 10ml

Soft Drinks

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a bottle of 2 liter soda lime flavor
Mountain Dew 1.5L
Coke Regular 1.5L
Coke Zero 1.5L
Coke Coke Zero 1.5L
Coke Zero In Can 325ml
Coke In Can 320ml
Coke Soft Drinks Bottle 1.25L
Gatorade Energy Drink Blue Bolt 350ml
Royal Tru-Orange 1.25L
Gatorade Energy Drink Blue Bolt 500ml
Coke Swakto 190ml
Sprite In Can 320ml

Frozen Meats

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Virginia Premium Hotdog Regular 1kg
Holiday Squid Balls 220g
Virginia Premium Hotdog Jumbo 240g
Virginia Cheese Filled Hotdog Jumbo 1kg
CDO Barn Chicken Nuggets Classic Shape 200g
Sarangani Bay Boneless Milkfish Unseasoned Small
Virginia Hotdog Cheesedog Regular 1kg
Sarangani Bay Boneless Milkfish Unseasoned Medium 320g
Virginia Premium Hotdog Cocktail 1kg
CDO Almusal Espesyal Beef Tapa 500g
CDO Holiday Corned Beef 220g
CDO Barn Chicken Nuggets Star Shape 200g

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Spiral Notebook
Spiral Spiral Notebook
Only 7 units left
Honey Roasted Kernels Watermelon 25g
Healthy Sparkling Soda Ginger Lemongrass And Lime 330ml
Healthy Sparkling Soda Raspberry + Rose 330ml
Healthy Sparkling Soda Pineapple Lime + Mint 330ml
Absolut Vodka Wild Berri 700ml
Absolute Lime Vodka 700ml
9 Lives Epic Merlot 2022 Red Wine 750ml
Healthy Sparkling Soda Passionfruit Peach + Berry 330ml
Lay's Stax Potato Chips Original 38g
Berocca Performance Effervescent Tablet Orange 15's

Ice Cream

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Selecta Solo Pack Ice Cream Double Dutch 450ml
Selecta Double Supreme Double Dutch/Cookies n Cream 750ml
Selecta Supreme Ice Cream Coffee Crumble 750ml
Selecta Supreme Ice Cream Double Dutch 1.3L
Selecta Supreme Ice Cream Rocky Road 1.3L
Selecta Classic Ice Cream Mango 1.3L
Selecta Magnum Ice Creamn Classic 90ml x 2's
Selecta Solo Pack Ice Cream Rocky Road 450ml
Selecta Supreme Ice Cream Coffee Crumble 1.3L
Selecta Supreme Ice Cream Choco Almond Fudge 750ml
Selecta 2in1 Double Supreme Double Dutch And Cookies & Cream 1.3L
Selecta Double Supreme Rocky Road and Cookies n Cream 1.3L

Bottled & Packaged Juices

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Del Monte Fiber-Enriched 202 Pineapple Juice 220ml
Welch's 100% Grape Juice Purple 1.36L (46oz)
Locally Blended Juice Drink Calamansi 240ml
Locally Blended Juice Drink Tamarind 240ml
C2 Green Tea Dalandan Solo 230ml
Mott's 100% Apple Juice 946ml (32oz)
Zambo Tropical kalamansi Juice 500ml
Old Orchard Juice Cranberry 1.89L (64oz)
Philippine Brand Juice Nectar 202 Four Seasons 250ml
Old Orchard 100% Apple Juice 1.89L (64oz)
Gina Mango Nectar 240ml
Real Leaf Green Tea Honey Lemon 480ml

Fresh Seafoods

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Barilis Laman
KCC Barilis Laman
From β‚±52.50
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Tuna Crazy Cut Packed
Tuna Cubes Packed
KCC Tuna Cubes Packed
Tuna Panga Approx. 1kg
KCC Tulay
From β‚±103.60
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Tilapia Saci Big
KCC Tilapia Saci Big
From β‚±134.80
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Pasayan White
KCC Pasayan White
From β‚±95.65
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Bangus Big
KCC Bangus Big
From β‚±111.40
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Marinated Bangsi
KCC Marinated Bangsi
From β‚±111.40
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Liplipan Malasugue Laman
KCC Liplipan Malasugue Laman
From β‚±76.50
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Pusit Black (Nokus)
KCC Pusit Black (Nokus)
From β‚±44.85
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Malasugue Laman
KCC Malasugue Laman
From β‚±81.00
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Fresh Pork

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Pork Belly Sliced
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Pork Ginisa
Biotech Farms Pork Ginisa
From β‚±116.55
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Pork Menudo
Biotech Farms Pork Menudo
From β‚±106.50
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Pork Pata
Biotech Farms Pork Pata
From β‚±170.50
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Pork Spare Ribs
Biotech Farms Pork Spare Ribs
From β‚±190.35
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Pork Bacon Slice
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Pork Lechon Kawali

Fruits & Vegetables

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Red Onion
KCC Red Onion
From β‚±33.75
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KCC Kamatis
From β‚±43.40
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KCC Carrots
From β‚±72.60
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KCC Ginger
From β‚±24.35
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Patatas Approx. 500g
Talong Approx. 500g
Cabbage Approx. 500g
KCC Calamansi
From β‚±16.80
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Kalabasa Slice 1's Approx. 500g
Pipino Approx. 500g
Ampalaya Approx. 500g
Sayote 1's
KCC Sayote 1's

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