Patola Packed Approx. 300g
Chinese Pechay Approx. 500g
Celery Approx. 250g
Sitsaro Approx. 100g
Lettuce Approx. 300g
Broccoli Approx. 500g
Cabbage Approx. 500g
KCC Calamansi
From β‚±18.40
Choose options
Cauliflower Approx. 500g
Pipino Approx. 500g
KCC Kamatis
From β‚±9.10
Choose options
Baguio Beans
KCC Baguio Beans
From β‚±58.50
Choose options
Sili Green
KCC Sili Green
From β‚±57.15
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Kamoteng Kahoy Approx. 1.5kg
Banana Leaves Fresh Packed
Saluyot Packed
KCC Saluyot Packed
Sari Vegetables
KCC Sari Vegetables
From β‚±35.90
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Mixed Vegetable
KCC Mixed Vegetable
From β‚±31.15
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Tauge With Carrots
KCC Tauge With Carrots
From β‚±20.70
Choose options
Tauge Long
KCC Tauge Long
From β‚±23.60
Choose options
Tambo Paklay
KCC Tambo Paklay
From β‚±24.15
Choose options
Tambo Slice
KCC Tambo Slice
From β‚±25.20
Choose options
Pakbet Vegetable Mix
KCC Pakbet Vegetable Mix
From β‚±19.60
Choose options
Langka Slice
KCC Langka Slice
From β‚±28.00
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Chopsuey Vegetable Mix
KCC Chopsuey Vegetable Mix
From β‚±32.40
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Puso Saging 1's
KCC Puso Saging 1's
Aloe Vera Leaf Approx. 300g
KCC Aloe Vera Leaf Approx. 300g
Sold out
KCC Kalawag
From β‚±14.30
Sold out
Pako Leaves Packed
Parsley Approx. 100g
Dried Gabi Stem Packed
Pancit Mami Approx. 500g
Pancit Molo Approx. 500g
Pancit Lomi Approx. 500g
Fresh Gabi Leaves Packed (Abalong Pack)
Sili Dahon Packed
Camote Tops Packed
Gabi Violet
KCC Gabi Violet
From β‚±42.20
Sold out
Potato Marble Approx. 300g
Tanglad Packed 5's
Fresh Blue Ternatea Packed
KCC Fresh Blue Ternatea Packed
Sold out
Dried Gabi Leaves Approx. 50g
Alugbate Red Packed
Sitaw Packed
KCC Sitaw Packed
Ritefresh Basil Packed
Pechay Packed
KCC Pechay Packed
Tinangkong Packed
Kangkong Packed
KCC Kangkong Packed

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