Halal Certified Snacks & Sweets

M.Y. San Sky Flakes Crackers Original 25g x 10's
Rebisco Crackers 10's
Oreo Sandwich Cookies Original 27.6g x 9's
Superstix Wafer Sticks Chocolate 330g
Nissin Bread Stix Original 20g x 10's
Rebisco Crackers Honey Butter 10's
Rebisco Bravo Biscuits 10's
Nissin Wafer Chocolate King Size 22g x 10's
Columbia Potchi Strawberry Cream 50's
Rebisco Cracker Sandwich Strawberry 10's
Cal Cheese Wafer 48g
Oishi Pillows Choco-Filled Crackers 38g
Monde Special Mamon Classic 43g x 6's
Rebisco Crackers 20's
Oishi Pillows Choco-Filled Crackers 24g
Happy Peanut Plain 20's
Nissin Wafer Chocolate 12g x 20's
Fudgee Barr Macapuno 39g x 10's
Nissin Bingo Sandwich Cookies Orange 10's
Nissin Butter Coconut Biscuits 28g x 10's
Nissin Bingo Sandwich Cookies Double Choco 10's
Ricoa Flat Tops Milk Chocolate 150g
Nissin Stick Wafer Chocolate 22g x 10's
Superstix Wafer Sticks Choco Refill Pack 240g (9.17oz)
Choco Mucho Cookies Double Choco 33g x 10's
Cupp Keyk Topps Sarap Choco 34g x 10's
Fres Mint Candy Barley 150g
Dewberry Cookies Blueberries 'n Cream 33g x 10's
Dewberry Cookies Strawberries 'n Cream 33g x 10's
Fudgee Barr Vanilla 39g x 10's
Frootees Combo 32g x 10's
Superstix Wafer Sticks Milk 330g
Dingdong Mixed Nuts Real Garlic 100g
M.Y. San Sky Flakes Crackers 850g
Fudgee Barr Milky Craze 39g x 10's
Cal Cheese Wafer 20g x 10's
Fibisco Chocolate Chip Cookies 200g
Superstix Wafer Sticks Double Choco 240g
Superstix Wafer Sticks Chocolate 660g
Skyflakes Cracker Sandwich Tsokolate 30g x 10's
Kitkat 4F Chocolate Wafer Single 35g
Pringles Potato Crisps Original 107g
Fibisco Choco Mallows 100g
Oreo Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies 27.6g x 9's
Dingdong Mixed Nuts Plain 30g
Dingdong Mixed Nuts Hot And Spicy 100g
Oreo Strawberry Creme Sandwich Cookies 27.6g x 9's
Happy Peanut Hot And Spicy  20's

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