All Local Delicacies

Kingland Tikoy Ube Roll
Kcc Cake Zebra Brownies
Sanny Sweet Sliced Pie Carne
Tian Seng Mini Hopia Dice Mongo 100g
Sanny Sweet Hopia Ube Medium
Kingland Hopia Big Chicken
Kingland Tikoy Peanut Roll
Tian Seng Hopia Dice Mongo 150g
Tian Seng Hopia Pandan 150g
Mja Candies MJA Yema 60's
Mja MJA Yema 60's
MJA Yoomee Pastillas 60's
Kingland Hopia Jumbo Chicken 300g
Chocolate Cake Bar
Tian Seng Caycay Sesame 100g
Ebs Grains/Breakfast EBS Egg Cracklets  200g
Philippine Brand Dried Mango Pineapple Balls 100g
Kcc Cake Aloha Carrot Cake Pack 8's
Bong Bong's Toasted Muffin 100g
Trappistine Pineapple Melties 100g
Ho-land Hopia Pandan Macapuno 227g
Trappistine Biscuits Trappistine Hearts to Bite 125g
Ivori Snacks Ivori Beef Chicharon 225g
Sunshine's Special Broas 200g
Marby Choco Crinkles 180g
Trappistine Oatmeal Cookies 220g
Memer Cashew Nuts Greaseless 100g
Trappistine Biscuits Trappistine Fruit Cake 400g
Kingland Hopia Big Pork With Ham
Charpons Tower Special Biscocho 200g
Almin's Best Durian Tart 18's
Bong Bong's Special Biscocho Big 383g
Ebs Grains/Breakfast EBS Tri  Potato  150g
Memer Durian Candy Cubes 100's
Profood Cebu Dried Fruit Mango Balls 100g
Philippine Brand Nuts & Preserves Phil. Dried Mango  CHIPS 200g
Memer Mango Candy Cubes 100's
Ging Jack Polvoron Play Money 24's
Kingland Small Hopia Pork
Kingland Hopia Big Onion
Kingland Super Hopia Mongo With Condol
Trappistine Cookie Bites 125g
Memer Barquillos 19's
Titay's Rosquillos Small 180g
SLB Patatas 130g
Slb SLB Patatas 130g
Almin's Best Durian Candy 100's
Sweet Love Pasti Yema 15's
Tay Seng Tikoy Ube 180g
Tay Seng Sesame Roll 100g

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