Coughs, Colds & Flu Medicines

Neozep Forte 10m/2mg/500mg Tablet by 10's
Bioflu Tablet 10's
Solmux Carbocisteine 500mg Capsule by 10's
Tuseran Forte 15mg/25mg/325mg Capsule by 4's
Lola Remedios Supplement Syrup 15ml
Decolgen Forte 25mg/2mg/500mg Tablet by 20's
Neozep 2.5mg/0.5mg/125mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Decolgen No Drowse Tablet by 4's
Symdex-D 25mg/2mg/325mg Tablet by 10's
Neozep Non-Drowsy 10mg/500mg Tablet by 10's
Plemex Forte Lagundi 600mg Capsule by 10's
Plemex Forte Lagundi 600mg/5ml Syrup 120ml
Solmux Advance 500mg/5mg Tablet by 4 's
Carbocisteine Capsule 500mg x 10's
Ascof Lagundi Tablet 300mg x 10's
Disudrin 5mg/1mg/5ml Syrup 120ml
Ascof Forte Lagundi Menthol 600mg/5ml Syrup 120ml
Ascof Forte Lagundi Tablet 600mg x 6's
Vicks Formula 44 54ml
Disudrin 2.5mg/0.5mg/ml Oral Drops 10ml
Ascof Forte Lagundi Menthol 600mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Robitussin Expectorant 100mg/5ml Syrup 120ml
Sinecod Forte 50mg Tablet by 4's
Re-Leaf Forte Sambong Leaf 500mg Tablet by 6's
Herbycin Oregano 125mg/5ml Expectorant Syrup 120mL
Robitussin Guaifenesin 200mg Capsule by 10's
Disudrin 5mg/1mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Vicks Formula 44 100ml
Ascof Forte Lagundi Capsule 600mg x 10's
Ritemed Carbocisteine 500mg Capsule by 10 's
Myracof Over The Counter Myracof 30 mg Tablet by 10 's
Diacof Carbocisteine 100mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Plemex Forte Lagundi 600mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Ascof Lagundi Strawberry 300mg/5ml Syrup 120ml
Ambroxol Tablet 30mg x 10's
Robitussin Guaifenesin 100mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Neozep 1mg/0.8mg/ml Oral Drops 10ml
Plemex Lagundi 300mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Glychlor Syrup 120ml
Mucosolvan Ambroxol 30mg Tablet by 10's
Expel Ambroxol 6mg Oral Drops 15ml
Ritemed Over The Counter RM Ambroxol Tablet 30 mg by 4 's
Ascof Lagundi Ponkan 300mg/5ml Syrup 120ml
Ambroxol 15mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Plemex Lagundi 300mg/5ml Syrup 120ml
Ambroxol 30mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Bioflu Paracetamol 2.5mg/500mcg/125mg/5ml Suspension 60ml
Solmux Forte Carbocisteine 500mg/5ml Suspension 60ml

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