Imported Canned Food

Spam Luncheon Meat 25% Less Sodium 340g (12oz)
Spam Luncheon Meat 340g (12oz)
Spam Luncheon Meat Lite 340g
Libby's Vienna Sausage 130g (4.6oz)
Ma Ling Chicken Luncheon Meat 397g
Tulip Pork Luncheon Meat Jamonilla Classic 340g (12oz)
Tulip Pork Luncheon Meat 340g
Doña Elena Diced Tomatoes 400g
Maling Premium Chicken Luncheon Meat 198g
Ma Ling Premium Chicken Luncheon Meat 340g
Jolly Peach Halves In Syrup 825g
Libby's Chicken Vienna Sausage 130g (4.6oz)
Spam Luncheon Meat Tocino 340g
Doña Elena Spanish Sardines Mild Spicy In Corn Oil 228g
Doña Elena Whole Peeled Tomatoes 400g
Campbell's Cream Of Mushroom Soup 298g (10.5oz)
Tai Hing Shiitake Mushrooms 284g
Jolly Grass Jelly 540g
Molinera Crushed Tomatoes 400g
Sunbest Mushroom Sliced 198g
Doña Elena Spanish Sardines In Corn Oil 228g
J em J Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn 425g
Sunbest Golden Mushroom 425g
Tai Hing Shiitake Sliced Mushrooms 284g
Clara Ole Maraschino Cherries 280g
Molinera Sundried Tomatoes 300g
Doña Elena 100% Tuna Chunks In Sunflower Oil 100g
Sunbest Diced Tomato 400g
Molinera Crushed Tomatoes 800g
Palm Corned Beef With Juices 326g
Sunbest Mushroom Whole 425g
Molinera Natural Peas And Carrots 400g
J em J Golden Golden Sweet Corn Cream Style 425g
Target Corned Beef Trapezoid 340g
Doña Elena 100% Tuna Chunks In Sunflower Oil 185g
Doña Elena Anchovies Fillet 56g
Sunbest Strawberries 410g
Sunbest Whole Peeled Tomato 400g
Mega Prime Peach Halves EOC 850g
Sunbest Lychee 565g
Capri Whole Peeled Tomatoes 400g
Capri Diced Tomatoes 400g
Del Monte Imported Peach Halves 825g (13oz)
Heng Bing Mushrooms Pieces And Stems 425g
Dak Pate De Foie 90g
Tai Hing Canned Vegetables Tai HIng Winter Bamboo Shoots 552g

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