Wraps & Tortillas

Bambi Frozen Bambi Spring Roll Wrappers Small 200g
Bambi Frozen Bambi Spring Roll Wrappers Big 300g
Bambi Molo Siomai Wrapper 200g
Marby Molo Wrapper Medium 200g
Jasoncu Shao Mai Wrapper 200g
Jasoncu Lumpia Wrapper Spring Roll Shell 210g
Molo Siomai Wrapper Big
Mega Mexicana Tortilla Flour Small 500g
Jasoncu Lumpia Wrapper Spring Roll Shell 400g
Jasoncu Molo Wantan Wrapper 270g
Bambi Mexican Tortilla Small 300g
Molo Siomai Wrapper Small
Mega Mexicana Pita Bread 625g
Bambi Cheese Sticks Jalapeno 24's
Marby Cheesy Sticks Plain 25's
Holiday Chicken Siomai 240g
Bambi Cheese Lumpia Local
Bambi Bambi Cheese Lumpia Local
Sold out
Bambi Molo Siomai Wrapper 120g
Jasoncu Shao Mai Wrapper 120g
Laude Tuna Shanghai Roll
Marby Cheesy Sticks Pimiento 25's
Marby Molo Wrapper Small 130g
Mega Mexicana Tortilla Corn Big 200g
Marby Crab Lumpia 250g
I Meat U Pita Bread Original 10's
I Meat U Pita Bread Whole Wheat 10's
Bambi Tortillas Whole Wheat 6's 390g
Jasoncu Dumpling Wrapper 250g
Bambi Cheese Sticks Jalapeno 48's
Marby Cheesy Sticks Ham And Cheese 25's
Bambi Pizza Crust Premium 320g
Purefoods Tender Juicy Cheesy Corndog 540g
Mega Mexicana Taco Shells 130g
Holiday Chicken Siomai 960g
Winner Pork Lumpia 250g
Hakaw Shrimp Dumplings 500g
Marby Molo Wanton Wrapper Medium 200g
Marby Molo Wrapper Big 280g
Marby Cheese Bites 110g
Marby Cheesy Sticks Monggo 24's
Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads 200g
Mission Tortilla Wraps Original 270g
Mission Tortilla Wraps Spinach 270g
Mission Tortilla Wraps Wholemeal 270g
Mission Bread Mission Tortilla Wraps Onion and Chive 270g
New Ya-Chou Siopao Bola Big 800g
New Ya Chou Siolongpao Mini Asado 10’s
New Ya-Chou Mantho 700g

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