Halal Certified Nuts & Preserves

Happy Peanut Plain 20's
Dingdong Mixed Nuts Real Garlic 100g
Happy Classic Peanuts With Real Garlic Chips 100g
Dingdong Mixed Nuts Plain 30g
Dingdong Mixed Nuts Hot And Spicy 100g
Happy Peanut Hot And Spicy  20's
Growers Peanut Garlic Flavor 80g
Happy Peanut BBQ Flavor 20's
Dingdong Snack Mix Sweet And Spicy 95g
Happy Peanut Chicken Adobo Flavor 20's
Dragon Sid Squash Seeds 20's
Dingdong Mixed Nuts Hot And Spicy 20's
Happy Peanut Sweet Chili 6g
Growers Mixed Nuts 80g
Growers Toasted Cashew Nuts 80g
Growers Savoury Hot Peanuts 80g
Happy Classic Peanut BBQ 100g
Growers Garlic Peanut 280g
Growers Salted Pistachio Nuts 80g
Growers Salted Sunflower Seeds 80g
Happy Peanuts With Real Garlic Chips 25g
Growers Garlic Peanut 8g
Growers Savoury Hot Peanuts 30g
Blue Diamonds Almonds Mixed Nuts 150g
Growers Savoury Hot Peanuts 280g
Blue Diamond Nuts Roasted Almond Honey 130g
Blue Diamond Almonds Smokehouse 150g
Blue Diamond Almonds Natural Toasted 150g
Blue Diamond Roasted Salted Almonds 150g
Wonderful Roasted and Salted Pistachios Nuts 907g

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