Halal Certified Candies

Columbia Potchi Strawberry Cream 50's
Ricoa Flat Tops Milk Chocolate 150g
Fres Mint Candy Barley 150g
Kitkat 4F Chocolate Wafer Single 35g
Fibisco Choco Mallows 100g
Choco Mucho Wafer Roll Cookies And Cream 30g x 10's
Ricoa Flat Tops Milk Chocolate 50g
Fibisco Chocolate Mallows 2's
Mentos Mini Roll Candy Rainbow 10g x 20's
Kitkat 2F Singles 17g
Mentos Mini Roll Candy Assorted Fruits  20's
Goya Dark Almonds 37g
Kitkat Bites 40g
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Shots 18g
Mentos Mini Roll Candy Mint 10g x  20's
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate T3 37.5g
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate T16 200g
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate T5 62.5g
Hershey's  Creamy Milk Chocolate 40g
Mello Pastel Concentric Marshmallow 9g
Cavendish And Harvey Sugar Free Mixed Fruit Drops 175g
Mentos Mini Roll Candy Strawberry Mix 10g x 20's
Mentos Mini Roll Candy Tutti Frutti 10g x 20's
Ferrero Rocher T8 Flat Acrylic 100g
Mello Pastel Concentric Marshmallow 55g
Cavendish And Harvey Coffee Drops 175g (6oz)
Apollo Roka Peanut Bar 18g x 24's
Coco Pudding Candy Strawberry 368g
Checkers Mini Chunky Chocolate Assorted 500g
Elit Royal Milk Chocolate Coated Hazelnut Cream 500g

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