Spaghetti And Meat Sauce Set

Style: Products Only


This is a wonderful surprise that could make your holiday enjoyable and make your friends and family feel the season's essence.

Spaghetti and Meat Sauce Set includes 5 items:

  • 1 Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce Sweet Style 1kg
  • 1 Del Monte Tomato Sauce Regular SUP 250g
  • 1 El Rancho Spaghetti Meat Sauce With Meatballs 380g
  • 1 El Rancho Spaghetti Meat Sauce With Sausage 380g
  • 1 Virginia Vienna Sausage 135g


  • SET A - Products Only
  • SET B - Plastic Container with Ribbon
  • SET C - Rattan Basket with Ribbon

Note: Products may be changed to a similar price and a different brand if they are out of stock.

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