Respiratory Drugs

Nasatapp Over The Counter Nasatapp Tablet 15 mg by 20 's
Fluimucil Over The Counter Fluimucil Tablet 600mg
Nasatapp 12.5mg/4mg/5mL Syrup 60ml
Nasathera Over The Counter Nasathera Capsule 25MG By 10's
Nasatapp 6.25mg/2mg Drops 15mL
Butamol Salbutamol 2mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Multivent Salbutamol 2.5mg/500mcg Nebule 2.5ml
Meptin Over The Counter Meptin Syrup 5mcg/ml 60ml
Hivent Salbutamol 1mg/ml Nebules 2.5ml
Brezu Over The Counter Brezu 5mcg/ml Syrup 60ml
Ventolin Over The Counter Ventolin Nebule 2.5mg/ml 2ml
Aerovent Over The Counter Aerovent Nebules 2.5mg/2.5ml
Ritemed Over The Counter RM MONTELUKAST CHEWTAB 5MG by 4 's
Ventar Salbutamol 2mg Tablet by 10's
Butamol Plus Salbutamol+Guaifenesin 1mg/50mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Ritemed Over The Counter RM Salbutamol Tablet 2mg by 4 's
Salbutamol 2mg Tablet by 20's
Pecof Over The Counter Pecof Syrup 100ml
Ventolin Salbutamol 2mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Duavent Salbutamol 500mcg/2.5mg Pulmoneb 2.5ml
Asmacaire Over The Counter Asmacaire 2mg/ml Syrup 60ml
Asmacaire Over The Counter Asmacaire 1mg/ml Nebule 2.5ml
Bronchofen Over The Counter Bronchofen 5mg/1mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Fluimucil Acetylcysteine 200mg Sachet 1g
Fluimucil Acetylcysteine 100mg Sachet 1's
Ventolin Expectorant 1mg/50mg/5ml Syrup 100ml
Asmalin Salbutamol 2mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Seretide 250 Diskus Inhalation 60 Doses
Exflem Over The Counter Exflem Granules 600mg
Seretide Inhaler 25mcg/125mcg Suspension 120 Doses
Nasathera Over The Counter Nasathera Syrup 12.5mg 60ml
Asmalin Salbutamol 1mg/ml Pulmoneb 2.5ml
Decolsin 10mg/12.5mg/250mg/5ml Suspension 60ml
Bronchofen Phenylephine 1mg/0.8mg/ml Drops 15ml
Ventar Salbutamol 2mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Solmux Broncho Over The Counter Solmux Broncho Suspension  60mL
Seretide INH 25/50mcg 120 Dose
Levopront Syrup 30mg/5ml 60ml
Ultraxime Cefixime 20Mg Drops 10ml
Ventar EXP Salbutamol 50mg/1mg Syrup 60ml
Asfrenon Salbutamol 2mg/5ml Syrup 60ml
Antiox Choco Tablet 500mg x 2's
Klindex Capsule 300mg x 2's
Liverprime HD Capsule 240mg x 2's
Vastarel OD Capsule 80mg x 2's

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