Frozen Meats

Virginia Premium Hotdog Regular 1kg
Purefoods Frozen Purefoods Chicken Fun Nuggets BBQ Sauce 200g
Purefoods Beef Tapa 220g
Holiday Frozen Holiday Squid Balls 220g
Purefoods Chicken Fun Nuggets With Cheese Sprinkles
CDO Ulam Burger Regular Patties 228g
Virginia Premium Hotdog Jumbo 240g
Virginia Cheese Filled Hotdog Jumbo 1kg
CDO Barn Chicken Nuggets Classic Shape 200g
Purefoods Chicken Breast Nuggets 1kg
Sarangani Boneless Bangus FFD Small
Virginia Hotdog Cheesedog Regular 1kg
Sarangani Bay Frozen Sarangani Boneless Bangus FFD Medium 320g
Virginia Premium Hotdog Cocktail 1kg
CDO Almusal Espesyal Beef Tapa 500g
Virginia Pork Tocino All Lean 200g
CDO Holiday Corned Beef 220g
CDO Barn Chicken Nuggets Star Shape 200g
Sarangani Bay Frozen Sarangani Smoked Deboned Bangus SD Small 460g
Purefoods Beefies Hotdog Regular 1kg
Virginia Chicken Hotdog Jumbo 250g
Winner Sweet Ham 250g
Virginia Frozen Virginia Chicken Hotdog  Regular 250g
CDO Squid Balls 250g
CDO Funtastyk Chicken Tocino 450g
Virginia Premium Hotdog Jumbo 1kg
Sarangani Bay Frozen Sarangani Deboned Belly Bangus 400g
Sarangani Bay Frozen Sarangani Pompano Medium
Virginia Chicken Ham 250g
Sarangani Bay Frozen Sarangani Cream Dory Fillet 500g
Purefoods Chicken Longanisa 250g
Purefoods Chicken Breast Nuggets 200g
Virginia Chicken Hotdog Jumbo 1kg
Holiday Chicken Hotdog Regular 1kg
Sarangani Bay Frozen Sarangani Smoked Deboned Bangus SD Medium 320g
Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog Without Pork Cocktail 500g
Sarangani Cream Dory Pangasius Fillet PFC Large
Holiday Frozen Holiday Chicken Hotdog:Regular:250g
Holiday Chicken Hotdog Jumbo 500g
Virginia Frozen Virginia Chicken Hotdog with Cheese Jumbo 250g
Virginia Beef Meatballs 250g
El Rancho Burger Patty 225g
Virginia Hotdog  King Size 1kg
Cdo Frozen CDO Cheesy Chicken Franks Regular 250g
Kcc Frozen Sarangani Baby Split Marinated Spicy BSMS
Sarangani Fresh Frozen Deboned Marinated Medium
Purefoods Chicken Tocino Honey Glazed 220g
Virginia Honey-cured Bacon 400g

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