Squid Balls And Kikiam

Holiday Squid Balls 220g
Holiday Quekiam 220g
CDO Squid Balls 250g
Holiday Squid Balls 1kg
Marby Tempura 400g
Marby Tempura 200g
Kim Sea Kikiam 450g
Marby Fish Balls 500g
Kim Sea Kikiam Ball 450g
Yenmei Quikiam Special 500g
Yenmei Yenmei Quikiam Special 500g
Sold out
Kim Sea Orlian 450g
Holiday Quekiam 1kg
Marby Squid Balls 200g
Wei Wei Special Fish Ball 500g
Wei Wei Wei Wei Special Fish Ball 500g
Only 10 units left
Kim Sea Chicken Ball 450g
Marby Squid Balls 400g
Wei Wei Lobster Ball 500g
Yenmei Squid Ball 500g
Yenmei Cuttle Fish Balls 500g
Fat And Thin Fried Fish Ball 500g

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