Milkita Lollipop Jar Assorted 80s



  • Tasty Creamy Shake Lollipop - Enjoy the unique creamy, milky texture of these delicious Creamy Shake lollipops in assorted banana, honeydew, chocolate, and strawberry flavors; There’s one for every taste
  • Up to 50 Pieces - This container includes as many as 50 Milkita Creamy Shake Lollipops for sharing with friends; They make a delightful Halloween candy for trick or treaters; Keep a bowl of these tasty treats on hand to welcome guests to your home or business.
  • Calcium Boost - Milkita candies contain Calcium from Real Milk; Each serving provides 10% of your recommended daily Calcium to help build strong bones and maintain a healthy body.
  • Pocket Sized Lollipop - Each Milkita Creamy Shake Lollipop is individually wrapped and sealed for protection; You’ll want to stuff your purse or pockets with these lollipops to have them on hand wherever you go.
  • Healthy Treat - Made with fresh milk, these creamy candies are not only calcium rich but gluten and gelatin free; With low fat, no corn syrup, and less sugar than regular candies, these guilt free sweets are going to be your new favorite.

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