Johnson's Baby Powder Pink Blossom 200g



  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder Blossoms’ improved formula provides long-lasting protection that leaves baby’s skin comfortably dry, silky smooth, and smelling fragrant longer than ever. Every particle in JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder is carefully made to keep your newborn comfortable and has passed over 30 safety and quality tests. JOHNSON’S Baby talc products are made using U.S. Pharmacopeial (USP) grade talc to ensure it meets the highest-quality, purity and compliance standards. Our talc is carefully selected, processed and tested to ensure that is asbestos free, as confirmed by regular testing conducted since the 1970s. Our confidence in using talc is based on a long history of safe use and more than 30 years of research by independent researchers, scientific review boards and global regulatory authorities.

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