Betadine Solution 7.5ml



Antiseptic solution: Broad-spectrum microbicide for topical use in minor wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns & post-op wounds. Skin cleanser: For general hygiene & for cleansing & disinfecting the skin, against infections due to MRSA, flu (influenza, avian flu, swine flu), SARS-coronavirus, colds (rhinovirus, coronavirus) & ebola, helps stop spread of infections in acne, pimple, minor cuts & wounds, helps remove offensive odor of the underarms, feet and body, helps prevent spread of fungal infections eg, tinea pedis (athletes foot or alipunga), tinea versicolor (ringworm or an-an), tinea cruris (jock itch or hadhad). As a surgical scrub; helps relieve skin itching.

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