Efficascent Relaxing Oil 3ml



helps relieve travel and motion sickness
helps relieve headache and dizziness
helps relieve stuffy nose due to colds
helps relieve minor stomach and abdominal pains
helps relieve itchiness due to insect and mosquito bites

  • Efficascent Relaxing Oil (ERO) is a powerful blend of essential oils that help calm the body’s stressed nerves. Among its rich variety, ERO contains peppermint and eucalyptus extracts which properties greatly pacify the effects of motion sickness and stress because they go straight to the brain when inhaled, releasing a signal for your nerves to relax. And when applied topically, they are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, providing fast relief to any condition. More than that, it has a handy size and a roll on feature which makes application very easy since it can regulate distribution, thereby avoiding spills.

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