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Taiwan Garlic Approx 250g
Kcc Kamatis
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Patatas Approx 500g
Fresh Eggs Large (Tray)
Carrots Approx 500g
Fresh Eggs Medium (Tray)
Ground Pork Special
Kcc Ground Pork Special
From β‚±65.10
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Chicken Thighs
Kcc Chicken Thighs
From β‚±88.60
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Talong Approx 500g
Fresh Eggs XLarge (Tray)
Cabbage Approx. 500g
Kcc Chicken Breast
From β‚±71.70
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Kcc Chicken Wings
From β‚±85.35
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Pork Belly
Kcc Pork Belly
From β‚±116.55
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Luy-a Approx. 500g
Sayote 1's
Kcc Sayote 1's
Ampalaya Approx 500g
Fuji Apple 4's
Kcc Fuji Apple 4's
Kcc Chicken Drumstick
From β‚±84.80
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Pork Chop with Skin
Kcc Pork Chop with Skin
From β‚±114.45
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Lemon 4's
Kcc Lemon 4's
Spare Ribs
Kcc Spare Ribs
From β‚±114.75
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Atsal Approx. 250g
Calamansi Approx. 500g
Baguio Beans Approx 500g
Pork Menudo
Kcc Pork Menudo
From β‚±108.45
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Bacon Slice
Kcc Bacon Slice
From β‚±174.95
In stock
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Pork Ginisa
Kcc Pork Ginisa
From β‚±63.65
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Chicken Quarter Cut (Leg)
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Okra Approx. 350g
Davick Farm Fresh Brown Egg Medium 12's
Camote Laman Approx. 1kg
Pork Pata
Kcc Pork Pata
From β‚±104.25
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White Onion 3's Approx. 500g
Upo Approx. 500g
Kcc Upo Approx. 500g
Fresh Eggs Small (Tray)
Papaya Solo 2's
Kcc Papaya Solo 2's
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Ground Beef Special
Shop Suki Ground Beef Special
From β‚±100.45
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Lechon Kawali
Kcc Lechon Kawali
From β‚±126.80
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Beef Shank Cross Cut
KCC Beef Shank Cross Cut
From β‚±145.20
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Mango Ripe Approx. 1kg
Chicken Menudo Cut
Kcc Chicken Menudo Cut
From β‚±88.60
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Lumpia Wrapper Spl White Med
Sweetcorn 500g
Kcc Sweetcorn 500g
Sibuyas Dahon Approx. 250g
Lakatan Approx. 1.5kg
Kcc Lakatan Approx. 1.5kg
Sold out
Boneless Pork Chop
Kcc Boneless Pork Chop
From β‚±125.45
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