Snack And Chocolate Set

Style: Set A


Snacks And Chocolate Set includes 6 items:

  • 1 Pringles Snack Original 107g
  • 1 Doritos Chips Nacho Cheesier 65g
  • 1 Chips Delight Cookies Mini Chocolate Chip 130g
  • 1 Kitkat 4F Choco Single 35g
  • 1 Knick Knacks Choco On Choco 50g
  • 1 Goya Dark Almonds 37g
  • SET A - Products Only
  • SET B - Clear Water Cellophane with Ribbon
  • SET C - Megabox Plastic Container with Ribbon

Note: Products may be changed to a similar price and a different brand if they are out of stock.

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